Saturday, March 24, 2007

Vagabond's Vision

Vagabond's Vision #50

Near where miracles stand straight up,
uplifting loudly in their lyrical
calligraphy, colors dance
in congregated tribunal distribution,
tribute non-deceived
nor mirage,
yes collage
mainly visual attributes
landing across streams
where cross-eyed fish walk
by revolutionary devotion
to subconscious evolution.

Vagabond's Vision #51

A specified error
in climatic change
water damages stilled by settled sun's
reaching hands
which hold with high tech,
highest pitch to
humanly possible
heard. The shortest sitting down
ride brazen seahorses'
leaping fungi,
with plenty left in a repertoire
regarding fancy letters
leftover atop spinning sand grains,
standing salt,
bloated, sumo wrestling orange fish.
A never before envisioned
forecasts as this specifically
the underworld
aquatic aspects in an allegorical
progression of captivating

Vagabond's Vision #52

The gold of an unzipped arrival,
unblemished syntax
need not translate into forbidden,
foreseeable now,
such a psychic of last night's
lightning, whose coughing
broadcasting foretold a false
remained within a closet collapsing
underneath cedar dust and particles
of particular danger. Loudness
landed thundering between the gaunt-
guilt and bloody blade,
a cry for more, a cry because
disguise was unveiled after all echoes
had arrived.

Submitted by: Felino Soriano

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